Word Balloon University Webcomics 101

Download The MP3 here

We debut Word Balloon Unversity, with a course in Web Comics from the Summit City Comicon Panel. ​
Featuring Katie Cook (Clone Wars- Gronk!) , Dave Wachter (Guns Of Shadow Valley) Mike Schwartz (Oceanverse) , and Andrew Fraizer (Bridgette’s Belly)

5 responses to “Word Balloon University Webcomics 101

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  2. Very cool, Dean Siuntres.

    Definitely appreciated this sort of format as an extension of the ongoing Word Balloon conversation.

    Looking forward to more from the University and will be checking out these webcomics.

  3. I was laughing my ass off listening to Andrew Fraser saying “a certain website” that caters to “a certain audience”, desperately trying not to say “pregnant furry aficionados”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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