Patton Oswalt’s SERENITY-WASH One-Shot “Float Out” debuts today

Late last Summer, comedian  Patton Oswalt joined us to talk about his film BIG FAN, and to talk about his SERENITY one shot from Dark Horse featuring a story about Wash. The comic book came out today. Relive our conversation.

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Girlz In The Clubhouse? Kelly Sue DeConnick

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Kelly Sue is here to talk about her recent run of stories happening at Marvel, from her One-Shots featuring Sif and Pepper Potts (Rescue) , plus stories happening in The Heroic Age & Girl Comics. Also, I feel compelled to get into a discussion about a subject that I thought wasn’t relevent anymore.

Is there still a glass ceiling when it comes to women creators in comics? Don’t we laud several accomplished editors writers and artists? Are women being denied the chance to make books, because of gender? Kel isn’t her to speak “for all womankind” , but I did want her POV, and we get it.

Plus the type of random pop culture fun I’d expect from a woman who’s married to Matt Fraction.KS talks about her favorite kind of female heroes and villains from Modesty Blaise to actress Rosiland Russell .

Crazy timing on this talk. Kel was days away from giving birth to their daughter Tallulah . Welcome to the  nut house kid, and good luck.

Comic Book Movie Talk With IFC’s Matt Singer

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IFC Film Podcast Host and Critic Matt Singer is back to talk about this seasons new comic book films. We discuss Kick-Ass, The Losers and Iron Man 2 . How did they do and what were the studio’s expectations on these and the upcoming films like Jonah Hex & Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe?

We also talk about the comic book  films in production, Thor, Green Lantern & Captain America, The First Avenger, Plus Matt recommends some more lousy films to laugh at .

The Bendis Tapes May 2010 Part 2

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More of Bendis’s Q&A from his Jinxworld Message Board . You’ll learn more about his current runs on the Avenger books, Ultimatepider-Man Powers, his creator owned series Scarlett and Powers. Plus plenty of pop culture talk.

And here’s the Q&A Thread to follow along

The Bendis Tapes Part 1 Avengers Assemble

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It’s that time again. Bendis is back to answer the questions readers posted at his jinxworld message board. Learn the secrets behind his new slate of Avengers Books, Avengers with John Romita Jr, New Avengers with Stuart Immomen, and Avengers Prime with Alan Davis.  You’ll hear about the line-ups and what’s going on in the opening arcs. Plus deatails on the text and art back up feature THE ORAL HISTORY OF THE AVENGERS .

We also discuss Brian’s new creator owned series Scarlett with Alex Maleev, attending the Iron Man 2 premiere, more details about his film project FIRE starring Zac Effron , and the Marvel movies in current production Captain America, & Thor .

A-Ha’s Farewell Tour Hits Chicago

The Norwegian 80’s pop band A-Ha is in the midst of their Global Farewell Tour, and hit Chicago’s Riviera Theater last Wed.

My dear friend Sandy Patyk of WTMX Radio said the band is still in great form musically and 25 years since their global debut looked great

here are the three members… Lead singer Morten Harket

Guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

And keyboardist ‘Mags’ Furuholmen

Why should you care? If you don’t remember, in 1985 the band, and director Steve Barron gave us one of the best comic book inspired rotoscope videos  Take On Me. It was animated by Michael Patterson .

It won 6 MTV music video awards, but ironically lost the video of the year category to Dire Strait’s Computer animated “Money For Nothing”. Plus Family Guy gave it a hilarious send up in a random opening scene.

Agents Of Atlas 3-D Man And Ape Talk With Parker & Hardman

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What do 3-D Man The Agents Of Atlas and The Planet Of The Apes Have In Common? They’re all discussed in full by our guests Jeff Parker And Gabriel Hardman .

Tell me you wouldn’t watch the Adventures Of Armando, Circus Manager.