Comics Fan Film Festival

Here are some great fan film adaptations. Some you may have seen at cons, but now it looks like more film students are going to the comics for source material.

An Alias/ Jessica Jones Interrogation

Green Arrow Trailer !

Batman: Dead End



6 responses to “Comics Fan Film Festival

  1. Thanks for sharing these. They’re brilliant!

  2. I’ve loved Grayson for a while. That’s some great stuff

  3. Keep ’em coming John!

  4. theresazphotography

    Grayson has been a favorite of mine for a while. I haven’t seen the others, I am going to check them out.
    Thanks for posting.
    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. I have two for you to add:

    Power Girl: The Classifieds

    The World’s Finest (Extended Edition)

  6. You should check out our first fan film, “The Disagreement” at our website! Catwoman and Wonder Woman duke it out over the same guy!

    We also have a Transformers fan film coming out later this month, called “Hidden Friend”.

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